Fermeture 2012 – HO5 Goes Big

While day after day of outstanding late-season dumps has kept everyone with big smiles on their faces, it did bury your hopes of any sunny day park sessions.

But it ain’t over ’til it’s over. The good crew over at HO5 who manicure the park at GM have built a massive module that looks fun and terrifying at the same time.

Try to maintain a bit of sobriety until after you’ve had the chance to hurl your carcass across this beauty a few times.

In addition there will also be the usual shenanigans including a big air bag, live music, BBQ ski joering, wingsuit show, speed riding demo and of course, a bar.

What? No pond skim?!

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One response to “Fermeture 2012 – HO5 Goes Big

  1. Just found your site, don’t know how I’ve not come across it before.
    I didn’t make the closing party for the first time in about 5 years, and what do they do? build a feature like that! Was the vis good enough to hit it? Looked like a proper grey-bird…

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